Waste Paper Management:

SPL requires around 1,20,000 MT of good quality Waste Paper of different grades for producing wide range of products and being out sourced from different countries. Since the SCM department has very good experience in this field, able to identify the potential suppliers in India and abroad and have the tie ups for the year so that productivity and products quality is maintained. Long term strategies are in place to find out the alternate / substitutes for the existing waste paper varieties.

Fuel Management:

SPL uses solid fuel in the “Boilers of Fluidized bed type” to produce steam for the requirement of power generation as well as production divisions. SPL can use all available agro fuels such as saw dust, paddy husk, coir pith and coconut shells. SPL uses judicious mix of imported coal, indigenous lignite and agro fuel depending on the availability and economics. Adequate stock of imported coal is kept in the factory to ensure that the solid fuel is available all the time and overall cost is low.

Water and Waste water management:

SPL sources water from river Tamiraparani, which is a perennial river in Southern part of Tamilnadu, for process uses. The specific consumption of water per ton is very minimal and is of comparable International standards since our process system is supplied by the world leaders like METSO, ANDRITZ, VOITH, GL&V. System is having 90% closed lube system so that water consumption is minimal. The waste water is treated in full fledged “Activated Sludge Process” from EIMCO KCP which can handle delta quality of effluents discharged. The quality of treated effluents are conformed to the TNPCB norms and entire treated effluents are being used for social forestry development and no water is let into any fresh water streams. Primary sludge obtained from Effluent Treatment Plant is being used for making board. Secondary sludge generated is being treated for “Organic Composting” and the generated organic manure is being used for social forestry.

Energy Management:

The power generation capacity is 15 MW. SPL is self sufficient in energy requirement and the requirement is 10.5 MW (Max). The surplus power is exported to State Grid and accordingly SPL is tie up with Government of Tamilnadu. This becomes a constant source of additional income. For this purpose we have turbo generator supplied by SIEMENS, Germany and Boiler from THERMAX. We have installed energy efficient motors through out the plant, POM technology in paper making to conserve the energy. SPL is taking up steps to go for bio-methanation generation from the secondary sludge generated in ETP and this can replace the part qty of coal and also necessitates to go for availing carbon credit.